Best Western Hotel Website AccuBook are pleased to announce its range of Best Western Hotel Website Designs. These sites are designed to be 'dynamic' ie always displaying the latest information on the site to improve the user experience and the Search Engine Ranking.
Hotel Content Management System These Best Western Hotel Webistes have a full Content Management System that allows the Hotel Marketing Manager full control over the content text and image editing. Even complete new pages can be created at will, allowing the manager to tailor their website to specific seasons (Winter and Summer) or events (Valentines Day and Halloween).
Hotel Website Events
A Built in Blog allows posts to be created and events or entertainment to be uploaded. Website Content can be displayed in up to 5 different languages. New Web 2.0 features displays comments and posts from their Twitter and FaceBook Accounts direct on the website.
Hotel E Zines Built in to the Content Management System is an E Zine Generator that permits an E Zine look and feel to be styled with different colours and images. A SMS system allows text messages to be distributed on to its customers mobile phones.

These advanced websites are available FOC for a monthly fee of just 99€ Per Month, the hotel can enjoy constant software upgrades free of charge. NO OTHER UPFRONT COSTS.

Hotels are now becoming aware of just how much revenue can be increased with a well focused Online Marketing Strategy, so many of our properties are opting for a full Online Marketing Support Package for a price of just 325€ Per Month.

Also available within our suite of products is the AccuBook Channel Manager

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