• Complete the three Google Maps.
  • Review your web page metatags against your SER targets.

      How to Create Google Maps?

      1. Go to www.google.com/maps
      2. Sign In
      3. Click My Maps/Create Map
      4. Give it a title and description
      5. Navigate to bring up the relevant map
      6. Add the placemarks and text.
      7. Save Map
      8. Create a new page in the website CMS.
      9. Copy and paste the map ‘embed’ code into the source code.

      Metatags - The most important ‘Technical Solution’ to improving SER.

      • Metatags are attached to keywords and originally indicated what the content of the page was about.
      • Metatags can be seen in the Google Search Results. (Example)
      • Metatags consist of Titles/Description/Keywords.
      • The words used in the Metatags must match the Keywords in the page text.
      • It is much easier to obtain a good SER on ‘narrow’ keywords.
      • The keywords in common usage are never as technical as people in the trade think.
      • Keywords at the start of the Title Tag are the most important.
      As requested please find below the presentations from the first 4 modules.