Supply Manager - Gulliver Ireland 26/05/2010

We have launched our exciting new Value Breaks product to the public. Our GoIreland Value Breaks are a defined product of 2 nights 2 people - EUR149 B&B. Also we have a family product of EUR149 for 2 adults and up to 2 kids for EUR149 with kids staying free (EUR5 per childrens breakfast payable locally at the hotel). We have chosen from 3 and 4 star hotels only . All in we have 14 destinations to begin with across Ireland and a max of 200 hotels.

Offline we are running adverts in some national press, local radio ads and external business promotions. We have permission from 60+ major companies in Ireland to distribute this add-on product to their staff. The total amount of employees is over 151,000 as mentioned.

There is no change to GullNet just 1 rate to manage of EUR149. Rates can be closed out but we need good availability of this rate for it to work. No added rooms required - the feed is taken from you current room quantities in GullNet.