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Recently we have been pleased to release our Self Catering or Vacation Rental Module, also ideal for Serviced Apartments.
Most Booking Engines struggle to cater for this market as they are designed to sell hotel rooms on a nightly basis. Self Caterers however want and need to sell for longer periods to cover the costs of servcing the property, (although we have seen a move in this market to shorter stays ie 2/3 nights).

The AccuBook Booking Engine has the following additional features;

  • Individual Product Names - Many booking Engines simply sell roms, whereas Vacation Rentals may be selling Beach Huts, Bungalows or Apartments
  • Minimum Stays - This allows the property owners to specify the minimum length of booking, typically 7 days in summer and as low as 2/3 days in the off season.
  • Multi Night Discounts - Discounts can be set depending on the lengh of stay ie 25% off if 7 days are booked and 10% off if 3 days are booked. this allows the property owner to maintain higher per night pricing for the short stays without
    putting off the long stay guests by overpricing.
  • Closed to Arrivals. - In Peak months the Vacation Rental Market attempts to have guests checking in on specific days ie Saturdays. 'Closed to Arrival' guides guests to booking and checking on just on the days specified by the property.
  • Packages. -

    Probably the most important aspect of the AccuBook suite of products is that it gives customers acces to ALL the products they need from just one supplier (and inside just one extranet) ie
  • Booking Engine
  • Multi Lingual Website with Content Management System.
  • Channel Manager
  • Online Marketing Tools

All these products can be supplied on a fixed fee of 119€ Per Month, or they can be supplied FREE OF CHARGE with no set up fees, yearly fees, or licensing fees of any kind (even hosting is free) with a commission on bookings of just 8%

Check out an example of Self Catering Properties who are using the Booking Engine now.

Self Cateering Booking Engine

Vacation Rental Booking Engine

Or view the short 5 minute demo video (CLICK ON THE 'FULL SREEN' ICON FOR BEST VIEWING)